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Ponte Velha Restaurant - Tasting Menu

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Ponte Velha Restaurant - Tasting Menu


The restaurant is located in the noble area of the village Sertã, next to the Philippine bridge that gave it its name, flanked by leafy gardens and the Sertã and Amioso rivers. The cooking is intimately linked to the cultural roots and embodies all that was done best for generations in these parts.


Adapted for people with reduced mobility
Private Parking
Payment by ATM
No Smoking


Maranhos and Bucho Recheado (Goat stomach filled with goat meat mixture, and stuffed pig’s stomach)
Dona Helena’s Fish soup
Kid estonado (scalded, de-haired and baked)
Beira baked custard pudding (eggs, sugar, wheat flour, milk and cinnamon) with medronho (arbutus berry spirit) from Oleiros

Surrounding Area

Restaurante Ponte Velha at 14m

Restaurante Santo Amaro at 245m

River beach of Ribeira Grande at 623m

River beach of Troviscal at 9.6km

River beach of Pego das Cancelas at 9.8km

River beach of Bostelim at 10.1km

PR7 SRT - Caminho do Xisto da Sertã e do Troviscal Rota da Celinda at 10.1km

PR5 SRT - Caminho do Xisto - Rota dos Pastores e da Lajeira at 10.4km

River beach of Aldeia Ruiva at 10.7km

PR2 SRT - Caminho do Xisto de Pedrógão Pequeno - Trilho do Zêzere at 11.5km


Open from Tuesdays to Sundays from 12.00 to 3.00 pm and from 7.00 to 11.00 pm
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Hélder Marçal
Hélder Marçal
Helder Marçal is unanimously considered a professional of excellence in the performance of his duties and a role model for all those who work with him. He works with a keen sense of aesthetics and has a combative character, inherited from a family that never gave way in the face of adversity. Linked to the restaurant business from an early age, he also manages human resources for Santos & Marçal, the company that runs the restaurant.


Rua do Convento, 12, Sertã 6100-597
Latitude: 39.801944421499
Longitude: -8.0993448134918